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Learning Trnava


Trnava is the first
Slovak learning city

A city’s greatest assets are their people and, even more so, when they are creative, constantly developing and learning. The “Learning Trnava” project wants to help Trnava invest in their people, of any age, who live and work in this city.

The Learning Trnava project represents a strategic lifelong-learning development plan for the city of Trnava and its surrounding areas, through the creation of pillars for a learning city. Our aim is to interconnect all the stakeholders in education in our region – from schools, universities, through to leisure and cultural organizations – with the purpose of creating a common vision for education and training.

Through networking meetings, educational events, working groups and various promotional activities we want to raise awareness about the value and benefits of learning at any age.  In addition, we want to support the application of innovative approaches in education for all ages – children, teenagers, working adults, seniors, and disabled people.

What we do


Strategic Team

We have created a Strategic Team consisting of experts and representatives from various organizations operating in the field of education. This team brings new inspirations and visions for Learning Trnava project. 

Map of stakeholders

In collaboration with experts of Trnava university we have mapped over 200 educational stakeholders in Trnava and conduct qualitative interviews with 80 of them about their goals, priorities, and plans. You can find it in the interactive online map here


In September 2022 as the first Slovak city, we have became a member of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities and thus gain the opportunity for partnership with 293 other cities around the world. See our profile here

National awards

The big motivation in 2022 was also two important awards – we were awarded by the prize of Association of institution of education of adults in category popularization of lifelong learning and later we get the prize of Ministry of education for lifelong learning development.

Learning festival

Another one of our annual activities is the learning festival, where we create a space for an expo of educational organizations and prepare an interesting program for children, youth, adults, and seniors. Around 700 participants attended the festival in 2022.

Business point

Business point is a platform for companies from Trnava region. It supports HRists, LD workers and managers and creates oportunities for development, networking and sharing good practice. This community meets every 3 months. 

Learing mothers

Learning mothers is the new learning community – it is for mothers who are on maternity leave. We organize regular workshops or discussion also with babysitting service.

School for teachers

School for teachers is a platform of providers of continuing learnig for teachers in our region. We organize discussion forums, connect schools and create interesting educational offer with many benefits for teachers. 

Our goals

Vission for 2023

Contact us

Lifestarter NGO
Kalinčiakova 47
917 01 Trnava
Slovak Republic

Mgr. Michal Koricina, PhD. 
project manager